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OpenLMIS Vitalliance Partnership Overview

This flyer provides a brief overview of OpenLMIS’s new partnership with Vitalliance; including the partners involved, the benefits of the partnership, and FAQs…

Enterprise Support Overview

This overview flyer provides a description of what specific the services OpenLMIS Enterprise Support includes, as well as an explanation of why the initiative has shifted to this model…

Présentation des fonctionnalités d’OpenLMIS

Un guide complet des fonctionnalités d’OpenLMIS comprenant des images et des descriptions de rapports…

OpenLMIS Features & Reporting Overview Guide

OpenLMIS Features Overview

A detailed description of OpenLMIS features, business processes, reporting capabilities (including screen shots of visualizations), and hosting requirements…

Summarized EOI Q&A

A write up summarizing key questions and answers from two Q&A sessions held related to the OpenLMIS partnership EOI.

Summarized Teleconference Q&A Slides-OpenLMIS EOI

Presentation slides used during two Q&A sessions for the OpenLMIS Partnership EOI

Leveraging OpenLMIS for COVID-19 Response- webinar presentation

Leveraging OpenLMIS in COVID-19 Response

eLMIS Selection Guidance for Countries

Country Guidance on Selecting Logistics Management Information System, by the Global Fund and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. OpenLMIS is proud to be featured on a shortlist of software named in this guidance

The guidance identifies off-the-shelf applications that Gavi; the Global Fund; or other funding, donor or technical…