Local Name of Software: SIIL (Système Informatisé d’Information Logistique)

Year Deployed: 2015-Current

Implementing Partner: VillageReach

Deployment Coverage: 11 Health Zones

Partners: Agence de Médecine Préventive (AMP), National Agency for Immunization and Primary Healthcare (ANV-SSP), VillageReach, Gavi, UNICEF


Following an analysis of vaccine quality and the logistical situation in Benin, the government of Benin decided to reform its logistics system via the country’s Ministry of Health. Five strategic goals were adopted :

  • To re-organize the vaccine supply chain across the health pyramid in Benin, based on health zones rather than commune centers;
  • To introduce a top-down distribution system with shipping loops to serve health facilities;
  • To renew cold chain equipment;
  • To ensure that the health system logistics chain is managed by dedicated, skilled and motivated logisticians;
  • To seek out synergies between health system supply chains.

The Comé Health Zone was chosen as a demonstration site to test the feasibility of these policies, via the LOGIVAC project, which was implemented by AMP (Agence de Médecine Préventive) in 2012-2014. In 2015, the SIIL system was developed by VillageReach in collaboration with AMP and the Beninese government and partners in order to facilitate electronic data collection of data collected through the informed push system. SIIL is a locally customized variant of the OpenLMIS free software developed by a partnership of organizations working internationally to address logistical challenges.

The initial goal was to facilitate the collection of logistical data and to reduce the use of paper forms and reports as much as possible. The system also aimed to help logisticians follow the distribution process and use of vaccines in health zones, thereby making key vaccination indicators available immediately after each distribution. It is a web-based system but can also be used in off-line mode.

An assessment of the outcomes of the demonstration project indicated a marked improvement in performance indicators for the immunization logistics system on the Comé site. As a result, the Benin Ministry of Health took the decision to deploy the strategy, and the SIIL software, across the country. Further expansions of the system took place in 2016 and 2017, resulting in the expansion of the system to 10 additional health zones.

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Full Project Scope

Dates of deployment: 1 Health Zone in 2015; expanded to 10 additional zones throughout 2016 & 2017

Health Zones: 11 (*346 health facilities, as of August 2019)

Program(s): Expanded Program on Immunizations

Configuration: Push

Products: 16


Distributions data is exported to Tableau where it is visualized for decision-makers.