Name of OpenLMIS System: SIGLOFA (Sistema Informática de Gestão de Logística Farmacêutica de Angola)

Deployment year: 2019

Deployment coverage: National (rollout to begin in August 2019)

Partners: VillageReach, USAID, GHSC-PSM, Angola Ministry of Health

Project Scope:

  • Timelines:
    • Pilot phase – March through May 2019
    • National scale up – begin in August 2019
  • System deployment:
    • To be used in provincial warehouses and hospitals (not at the health facility level)
    • Pilot in 3 province3; National scale up to all provinces
    • Includes requisitions, stock management, and new reporting stack
    • 5 programs: Essential medicines, TB, HIV, Reproductive Health, Malaria
    • Will include 750+ commodities
    • Target to serve 600 health facilities by 2020

Project Objectives:

  • Routine data collection will inform the evaluation of OpenLMIS Angola’s first year of implementation. The evaluation will be centered around some key project objectives:
    • Establish an LMIS that supports Angolan health commodity SOPs

    • Ensure the implementation provides the necessary technical and end user support to increase uptake and maintained use of SIGLOFA
    • Follow a user-centered approach during the configuration and implementation of SIGLOFA to create positive user experiences
    • Increase the availability of health commodity supply chain data to improve stock management processes at the provincial and national-level health facilities

Getting Started

Preparatory activities are currently under way to support the national-level rollout of SIGLOFA. Partner organizations are working closely together to provincial warehouses are properly equipped, trained, and ready to integrate SIGLOFA into their daily processes such as LMIS data collection, recording, and reporting & analytics.