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About us

OpenLMIS is a collaboration of domain experts in logistics and supply chains, eHealth information systems, software development for low-resource settings, and process improvement. Like other open initiatives, the intention is to ensure OpenLMIS becomes a place for sharing information about LMIS planning, requirements and system design, promoting interoperability between systems, developing open source solutions for effective, scalable and sustainable solutions.

Specific objectives of the OpenLMIS initiative are to:

  1. Provide a repository of tools, product and project assessments, and other information to promote a collaborative approach for LMIS solutions;
  2. Encourage the reuse of proven components and methods;
  3. Encourage the use of international standards in supply chain and health informatics;
  4. Encourage seamless interoperability and flow of information between supply chain layers;
  5. Create LMIS applications that are integrated with other health information system domains; and
  6. Improve critical decision-making in order to address the dynamic health service requirements of low-income communities.