Open Source

OpenLMIS collaboraters have pooled resources to create a non-proprietary product that is built on shared user requirements across countries. The end result is a more flexible and powerful system than what any one entity could create. As an open source project, the software is available free of charge, and enhancements are contributed back to the community for others to use.


OpenLMIS is designed to be highly flexible and adaptable to the unique needs of any health supply chain. In Tanzania and Zambia, OpenLMIS has been implemented nationally for multiple programs, whereas in Mozambique OpenLMIS has been implemented for vaccines in select provinces.


OpenLMIS is designed to be interoperable with other key health information systems. Current system integrations include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, warehouse management systems, accounting/financial management systems, and mobile tools (such as CommTrack). Additional integrations currently under development.

What is OpenLMIS?

OpenLMIS is a collaboration of domain experts in logistics and supply chains, eHealth information systems, software development for low-resource settings, and process improvement. Like other open initiatives, the intention is to ensure OpenLMIS becomes the place for sharing information about LMIS planning, requirements and system design, promoting interoperability between systems, developing open source solutions and galvanizing interest in a shared vision for effective, scalable and sustainable solutions.